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Printed PPGI Coated Steel Coil

Printed PPGI coated steel coil (PPGI/PPGL/Color-coated Aluminum & Print / Designed/Patterned PPGI/PPGL)

Basic material: Pre-painted steel coil
Thickness: 0.15mm-1.5mm
Width: 750mm-1250mm
Inside Diameter of coil: 508mm
Weight: 3-8 tons/coil

The thickness and weight of galvanized layer of the substrates

Substrates galvanized layer thickness and weight: 30g-275g/m2
Thickness of the substrate galvanized layer
Thickness of the coating: 15um
Running stock: 4000tons

Overall Information

Our Printed PPGI coated steel coils are produced by coating and printing the galvanized steel coil according to customer requirements. The advanced printing technique of our company allows us to produce customized coatings, including wood grain, stone pattern, camouflage pattern, cloth pattern, and brushed metal pattern.

Three-color printing method is used to give the printing a more realistic appearance. The product printed with a 3D wood grain is primarily exported to Russia and the Ukraine, products printed with marble grain are mainly exported to Norway, Russia, France and Germany, and finally, products printed with flowers are primarily exported to India.



  • Construction

    Roof and roof components, Outside walls of civilian and industrial buildings, Garage doors and window blinds, Soundproof walls, Pipes and modular housing

  • Household Appliances

    Washing machine, Refrigerator, Television, Gas furnaces, Air conditioner and ventilation system, Microwave oven, Vacuum cleaner, Solar water heater electrical cabinets

  • Transportation

    Car ceiling, Car muffler, Heat shields in exhaust pipes and catalytic converters, Ship bulkhead, Highway fence

  • Industry

    Industrial instruments, Electric control cabinet, Industrial refrigeration equipment, Automatic vending machine

  • Furniture

    Lampshade, Counter, Signboard, Medical facility

  • Agricultural

    Barns, Sheds, Silos, Pipelines
    Greenhouse use: heat insulation cover, heat exchangers, dryers, warm water

Writing Board

Blackboard, White board, Chalkboard, Hidden cell blackboard, Bulletin board


Garbage can, Billboard, Typewriter, Instrument panel, Weight sensor, Photographic equipment, Casket, Fence, Pre-painted galvanized steel coil


Base Material: hot dipped galvanized steel coil, GL, Aluminum
Width: available from 750MM to 1250MM, customized width: 800 / 914 / 1220 / 1250 / 1219 (regular width: 1,000 or 1,200mm)
Thickness: available from 0.15mm to 1.50mm
Zinc Coat: 30g to 275g/m2
Color: according to RAL standard or customer sample
Lacquer Coating Thickness: Top surface is 15-25 microns and the back is 5-7 microns or according to customer needs
Paint coating type: Polyester (PE), High-durability Polyester (HDP), Silicon Modified Polyesters (SMP), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Easy-cleaning (EC)
Standard: JIS G3302, JIS G3313, GB/T2518-88, GB11253-89, ASTM A1008-2000, EN10169
Steel grades: GR.A, GR.B, SGCC, CGCC, SPCC, SPHC, DX51D
Supply capacity: 20,000 metric tons per month
Patterns: 3D wood grain, marble pattern, brick pattern, camouflage series, cloth pattern, flowers and plants pattern

Categories of Printed PPGI Steel Coil Paint Coating

1. Polyester (PE)
Polyester coating has a great adhesion performance, wide range of formability and outdoor durability, medium chemical resistance and is available at a low cost.

2. Silicon Modified Polyesters (SMP)
The SMP coating has a great rigidity, abrasion resistance and heat resistance. It also has an excellent external durability and pulverization resistance, as well as a gloss retention ability.

3 High-durability Polyester (HDP)
HDP coating has an excellent color retention ability and anti-ultraviolet performance. It has an excellent outdoor durability and pulverization resistance, as well as a great adhesion performance.

4 Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
PVDF coating has excellent color retention ability, UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and pulverization resistance, excellent solvent resistance, good formability, and dirt resistance. It is available in limited colors and costs more than our other PPGI coil coatings.


1. Longer service life in corrosive environment than galvanized steel coil.
2. Processability: Similar processability and spraying property to galvanized sheets.
3. Heat resistance: These steel sheets feature more discoloration resistance than galvanized steel sheets at high temperatures.

The test report of ordinary steel sheet

Name: Color Coated Steel
Test Item: Standard
T Bending: OT-3T
Pencil Hardness: HB
Impact: ≥9J
Mek (Time):≥100
Salt Spray: ≥720hr
Acid Stability: 5% HCL solution soak 48Hr, no bubbles, discoloration, no peeling
Alkali Resistance: Soaked in 5% NaOH solution 48Hr, no bubbles, discoloration, no peeling

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