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Company profile
Company profile

Jiangsu Xinye Metal Panel Co., Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer that focuses on the production of coated steel coil and printed PPGI coated steel coils used in a variety of applications. The production strength of our company has been proven by our popularity among customers, and quality proven by inspection reports offered before delivery of any coated steel product. If a third party inspection is required, we also work with trusted, professional testing agencies to ensure the comprehensive quality of all products and materials.

Our company has is ISO9001:2008 certified, and has been an expert in the coated steel coil industry for more than 10 years. We own and operate 3 coated steel coil production lines, enabling us to have an annual output capacity of nearly 360,000 tons. We also have offices in Thailand, the Ukraine, Belgium, Cuba and Australia.

Some great products we offer

Our products include galvanized steel sheets, aluminum-zinc coated steel sheets, color coated sheets, printed PPGI coated steel coils, corrugated metal roofing tiles, rock wool sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels and more. They are especially suited to usage as building materials for roofs, walls and doors in steel structure industrial and commercial buildings such as plants, airports, warehouses and refrigeration storage.

Xinye also produces color coated steel sheets for home appliances which use the electro galvanizing steel sheet and cold rolled steel sheet as the substrates. These are widely used in the production of refrigerators and large scale air conditioning systems, freezers,furniture, and more.


Company profile

1. Xinye's main products use the galvanized steel sheet and galvanized aluminum sheet as the substrates, producing coated steel coil and printed PPGI steel coils which range from 0.15mm to 1.5mm in thickness, and from 750mm to 1250mm in width. Our products are produced according to the International general RAL color card standard and have more than 200 different colors. We use three-color roller printing method to ensure customized colors meet all customer requirements, and are printed in a more vivid and clear manner.

Many of our products have been exported around the world. For example, the 3D wood grain printed PPGI coated steel coil has been exported to Russia and Ukraine, the marble pattern printed PPGI coated steel coil has been exported to Norway, Russia, France and Germany, and finally, the flower pattern printed PPGI coated steel coil has been exported to India.

2. Xinye's plant is situated in the Tongzhou Binjiang Industrial Park, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The plant is located close to Nantong Port and Shanghai Port, making shipping fast and easy.

Our company covers a total area of 100,000 square meters, with the plant covering more than 40,000 square meters.

3. Certified to IOS9001:2008 system.

4. We use Siemens CNC electrical appliances, South Korean imported color printing equipment and German imported bearings in our plants. We also use sewage and rainwater filtration systems for an excellent recycling process to ensure zero emission production and keep our environment clean.

5. We use internationally known brand names for our raw material paint, including AkzoNobel, KCC and PPG.

6. Xinye owns a special export and trade department, employing 7 international trade personnel, responsible for providing the customer with one-on-one service during the whole process. The international trade personnel get a detailed knowledge of what a customer is looking for, then passes that information on to the production department, who will produce the steel sheets based on customer requirements. The entire production process will be tracked and available for the client, helping us here at Xinye to establish a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Company profile

During the production process in Xinye

The production equipment is environmental friendly.
The raw material substrates can be 100% recycled.
The paint has zero emission and zero pollution.
The interests of the clients are ensured by our professional warranties which last 10 years, 15 years or 20 years according to the different requirements of our customers.

Jiangsu Xinye Metal Panel Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 18 Hantong Road, Wujie Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
Liaison Person: Crystal Wang
Phone: +86-513-86150161
Fax: +86-513-86150171
Email: wangjingjing@xinmetal.com
Skype/Wechat: crystalwang84
Mobile/Whatsapp: 18932285570