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Our production plants cover an area of 40 thousand square meters, and are fully outfitted with 3 dust free coated steel coil production lines, 1 printed PPGI coated steel coil production line, 1 sandwich panel production line, and 32 corrugated metal roofing tile processing machines, leading to an annual output of 360,000 tons of metal sheet including coated steel coil materials, printed PPGI coated steel coil, sandwich panel etc.

At a Glance

The plant is equipped with 3 dust free coated steel coil production lines with a length of 275 meters to produce coated steel coil. The coated steel coil production line with Siemens CNC electrical appliances, and South Korean imported printing equipment with German imported bearings ensure superior quality of final product.

  • Coated steel coil production line
  • Coated steel coil production line
  • Operating platform
  • Drying oven

Our products are coated and dried three times in the production process, differing from other manufacturers within the industry who typically only coat their products twice. We carry out coating 3 times in order to ensure the coating is thinner, more even and dries faster in high temperatures.

Customized colors

We use internationally known brand name suppliers for raw material paint, including Aksu, KCC, and PPG in order to meet all customer requirements for color. We also offer professional inspection of all customer requests in order to guarantee the outstanding quality of our coated steel coil products.

Customized Printing

Here at Xinye, we are proud of our processional printing R&D department, as well as our ownership of three-color roller printing equipment and technology. This equipment allows us to provide customized products printed with different 3D patterns, including wood grain, marble patterns, brick patterns, fabric patterns, camouflage, flowers and more.

Further Processing

Coated steel coil and Printed PPGI coated steel coil can be further processed according to the customer's requirement. Customized Corrugated metal roofing tile can be processed again to make different models of sandwich panel used in the wall, roof, partition, and cold storage board.

Sandwich panel production lines are mainly used to produce Rockwool sandwich panel, Foam sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel which are used as engineering building materials. Among them, the PU sandwich panel production line uses the processing equipment imported from Italy. The PU sandwich panel reaches B1 fire prevention level and has good thermal insulation. It is harmless to human body and is an ideal building material of refrigeration storage, dust free room and prefab house.

Some of the production equipment

  • Flap machine
  • Tile pressing equipment

Technique features

Uncoiling: Use smoothly textured substrate (including galvanized, galvanized and aluminized and cold rolled steel sheet)

Cleaning: Environmentally friendly circulating water is specially used to clean the surface of the products three times to ensure that there are no impurities on the steel sheet.

Pretreatment: Using a passivation solution, the surface is chemically treated.

Cooling: Natural cooling ensures paint on the steel sheet is smoother.

Drying - The 60 meters long drying oven achieves an optimal drying effect of the steel sheet surface paint.

Coiling: The products can be coiled according to the different coiling diameter requirement of the customer. (610,508)

Our company will keep a sample of each customer after the completion of all the products. The detailed parameters of the sample will be recorded to ensure the sustainable cooperation relationship between the company and the customer.

Sustainable production

Equipped with a sewage recovery system and a rainwater collection and filtration system we guarantee a zero emission production process, which helps us maintain our commitment to the environment.

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