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Quality assurance
  • Our products are colored according to the international standard color card
  • We have a fixed running stock of steel coils to satisfy customers with large scale requirements, ensuring clients are never left waiting for a backordered product

Quality control

1. At least one sample steel coil needs to be clipped and experimented with in each batch of finished coated steel coils. Main experiments include the following:
Thickness detection for the primer
Topcoat and back paint
Chromatic aberration (△E)
MEK experiment
Pencil hardness experiment
T bend test
Gloss experiment
Reverse impact test

2. After the completion of each batch of topcoat, the steel coil products will be randomly sampled and undergo an aging and salt spray test.

3. For the customers who have special requirements for the steel coil performance, we will carry out at least one stretching test to ensure the finished coils meet the same specifications as those of the raw material coils.

4. When the steel coil's performance is not stable or there are other special requirements, other tests will be conducted on an as needed basis.


The colorimeter monitors the comprehensive deviation of chromatic aberration (△E).

MEK Friction Tester

The device uses an MEK friction block to test the corrosion resistance capability of the coated steel coil. The surface of the coated steel coil will be rubbed using friction blocks coated with an MEK solvent, with both the rubbing time and frequency set in advance. The corrosion resistance capability of the coated steel coil is then determined by observing resulting abrasion to the coil's surface after rubbing is complete.

Pencil Hardness Test

Install the pencils in the pencil hardness tester in the hardness sequence. Next, softly place the pencils on the sample steel sheet and cross 10mm.The first pencil that leaves no scratch on the coated steel product can be set as the determining standard for pencil hardness.

T Bend Test

Insert the sample into the bending test machine at about 10mm on one side and press tightly. Turn the handle to bend the sample to an acute angle, and then remove the sample before inserting it into a vise. Press the bent portion of the sample tightly to form a 0T bend. After bending, determine if there are cracks on the coating visible to the naked eye. If the coating is damaged within 5mm from the edge, we will not take the damage into account. Stick the scotch tape along the curved surface of the sample, ensuring there are no bubbles so that the tape sticks smoothly. Then, tear the tape hard and fast in a 60 ° direction within 0.5~1 second. Determine if the tape removed any coating. The first repetition of this is called 1T, the second 2T, and so on for each repeated test.

Reverse Impact Test

Place the testing surface of the sample down (recoil) on the die. Raise the hammer to the required height and let it fall freely. The punch chip will hit the sample and forms a dent. Place scotch tape on the convex side of the dent, ensuring there are no bubbles so that the tape sticks smoothly. Tear the tape quickly in a 60° off of the testing sample, then examine the surface to see if any coating has been removed. Repeat the process in two other sample locations. If the coating does not crack, or become otherwise removed after at least 2 tests, the sample has passed the test.

Aging and Salt Spray Test

The neutral salt spray, acid salt spray, and copper ion accelerated salt spray tests will be conducted according to the standards of GB / T 10125, GB / T 12000, ASTM D117, and JIS Z2371.The tests simulate the corrosive effect to the protective coating caused by the sodium chloride dissolved in the water vapor in the atmosphere. The products are especially easily corroded in coastal areas and salt lake surrounding areas where there is high content of sodium chloride in the atmosphere.

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