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Supporting service

1. Available Optional Substrates
Hot-dip Galvanized Steel(GI)
55%Aluminum-Zinc-coated Steel
Galvalume steel(GL/AZ)
Cold Rolled Steel (CR),
Electro-galvanized steel (EG)

2. Available Coatings
Regular polyester (commercial quality)
Durable polyester (infra-red super durable)
Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP)
Poly Vinyl Fluoride

3. Available Coating Structure
The top coating can be coated with 2 or 3 layers, including the primer, top coat and finishing coat. The back coating can be done in 1 or 2 layers, including the primer and top coat.

Both sides can be color coated according to customer requirements; and free color matching and sampling are available according to customer samples or RAL.

4. Available Oil Print Color Set
In addition to ground paint color, the main paint colors provided include wood grain and brick pattern with 1-color printing, and brushed metal pattern and marble patterns with 2-color printing, flower pattern with 3-color printing, and camouflage with in 1- or 2-color printing.

Our coating technique of four color coating with three sets of colors is an industry leader, and over the past few years, here at Xinye, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of different patterns.

We have nearly 100 printing sticks for the customers to choose from. We also provide free color matching services. The patterns and colors can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

5. Available Surface Gloss Range
30°-90° Matte, medium light, high light

6. Suede wrinkles, fine particles, large particles l ≤1250mm, frosted

7. Available Specifications
The thickness of the substrates: 0.15-1.5mm
The width of the substrates: ≤1250mm
Inside Diameter of Coil: 508mm
Zinc layer or aluminum zinc layer: 30g-275g
Total thickness of the coating layers: 15-30um (This can also be customized according to the customer's requirements)

In addition, we also provide protective coating pasting, further processing color coating and container cabinet exports.

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